Bringing Church Bells Back to Life

Restoring 5 historic church bells at a Grade I listed church

Creation of a Skate Park

Creation of a new skate park in a public park

Cricket Club Improvements

Pitch and clubhouse improvements at a well established Cricket Club

Giving Toads a Helping Hand

Restoration and creation of new breeding ponds for Natterjack Toads

New Heating System for a Community Centre

Installing new boilers at a popular community centre

Play Area Improvements

Installation of new play equipment, safety surfacing and fencing at a public park

Refurbishing a Community Dance Studio

A range of improvements for a busy community dance studio

Restoration of Historic Stained-Glass Windows

Restoration of 2 stained glass windows at a Grade I listed church

Restoration of Lowland Heathland

Restoration of 6 hectares of lowland heathland habitat