What we do

SUEZ Communities Trust is an independent, not for profit funding organisation dedicated to making lasting improvements to community life and the natural environment. The Trust is a registered Environmental Body through the Landfill Communities Fund and an Approved Body through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

SUEZ Communities Trust distributes funds contributed by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

Community funding

The Trust’s funding programmes are designed to improve a broad range of publicly accessible amenities which benefit a wide cross section of the community.  Whether improving a local play area or a nationally significant historic building, each project has the potential to transform the community in which it is based.

Biodiversity funding

The Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund has been instrumental in helping to restore and look after the UK’s wildlife.

SUEZ Communities Trust’s biodiversity funding is focused on supporting priority species and habitats present on the Scottish Biodiversity List or List of Priority Species in England and Wales (Sections 41 & 42 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006).

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