Who can apply for funding?

To be eligible to apply to SUEZ Communities Trust an organisation must:

  1. Own or hold a lease for the project site with at least 5 years remaining. Projects should be based at a project site which must be owned or leased by the applying organisation. If the applying organisation neither owns the project site, nor has a lease with a minimum of 5 years remaining, it is not eligible to apply for SUEZ Communities Trust funding. The lease must be active before any application is made. Letters of intent or draft lease agreements are not accepted.
  2. Be run on a not for profit basis. The applying organisation and the project site must be run on a not for profit basis. Not-for-profit organisations could include community groups, parish councils, charities, community interest companies, sports clubs, community associations, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

If your project site has received SUEZ Communities Trust funding within the last three years then a new application will not be considered until three years has elapsed from the date the previous funding agreement was signed.

If a stage two application has been considered by the SUEZ Communities Trust Board of Directors but not supported, applicants must wait at least 12 months before re-submitting the same (or modified) project.