My project has been awarded funding, when will I get the money and how is it paid?

We do not provide ‘up-front’ payments. Payments will only be made after the qualifying project work has been completed and acceptable evidence of expenditure has been supplied.

You can request your funding in a single payment once all work is complete. Alternatively you can make up to 5 payment requests as key stages of your project are completed. The number of payment requests are likely to depend on the terms you agree with any supplier or contractor.

Payments are made by electronic transfer into a nominated bank account. This can either be the successful applicant’s or a specified supplier’s account, providing that all supporting evidence has been submitted.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks for payments to be processed from the date you submit a satisfactory payment request.

Guidance on how to make a claim for payment will be sent to you once the project activation process is completed.