Before SUEZ Communities Trust can release funding to a supported project you need to arrange a payment called the Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment. This payment is an unusual requirement so it’s important to read on to understand what the CTP payment is and why we ask for it.


Under the rules of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) and the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (SLCF), SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd (our donor) can contribute some of the landfill tax it collects in England and Scotland to SUEZ Communities Trust, and reclaim most (but not all) of this contribution as a tax credit. We also have to pay the regulator a fee and incur other minor costs.

To make up the shortfall, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd requires that 11.5% of the money provided is recovered from third parties. We call this element the Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment.

Under the rules, Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund money cannot be used to provide the CTP payment so it must be raised from other sources. The CTP payment is paid to SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd and not SUEZ Communities Trust but neither SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd nor SUEZ Communities Trust will benefit financially.

The CTP payment might be sourced from:

  • Your organisation
  • Donation from an individual
  • Award from County Councils, Borough Councils, Parish Councils
  • ‘Friends of’
  • Local Businesses
  • Grants and other awards  (not sourced from the LCF or SLCF)

The CTP payment cannot be sourced from:

  • Other Landfill Communities Fund or Scottish Landfill Communities Fund money
  • The contributing Landfill Operator
  • Any individual or organisation who will gain unique benefit from the funding (i.e. a contractor or supplier to the project)

How does the CTP payment work?

We will explain the mechanism through an example:

If you have applied to SUEZ Communities Trust for £20,000 and your application is fully successful, you will receive £20,000 from SUEZ Communities Trust.

However, a CTP payment must be provided to SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd as part of the process to release the money.

To release the £20,000, you must first send us a payment (made payable to SUEZ R & R) to the value of £2,300.  Your application will clearly show that this amount of £2,300 has not been raised through the Landfill Communities Fund or the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

How do I calculate my CTP payment?

You need to raise a CTP payment of £ .

If you wish to calculate it yourself

Multiply the amount you are applying for by 0.115
e.g: 20,000 x 0.115 = 2,300
(to receive £20,000 of funding you must raise a £2,300 CTP Payment (to be paid to SUEZ R & R)).