Community Upgrade Challenge

SITA Trust and The Foyer Federation have partnered up to fund and deliver an exciting new challenge for young people aged 14-25. The Community Upgrade Challenge will take place in the West Midlands and North East England. Young people can get involved in creating and running projects that will change community leisure facilities for the better, for everyone.

If you are reading this page then chances are you are already involved in the Challenge. If not, please contact The Foyer Federation to find out how you can be part of this exciting programme.

If you are taking part in the Challenge please read on....

You'll need the following documents and web link to help you on your way to accessing funding:

The first thing you'll need is this:

The Application Guide

Open it, download it and save it if you like, print it if you have the ink! BUT please READ IT...

We've tried to make applying for funding as easy as we can - there are tonnes of hints and tips in this guide so it is worth the effort. If you read the guide and still have questions talk to your Coach at the Foyer Federation.

Ok, so you've read the've had any questions you had answered by your Coach. Now its time to create your budget - you'll need this to upload to the application form.



Once you've completed the BUDGET document it's time to go to the


Application Form

It's an online form and a bit clunky because we spend our money on projects rather than updating technology so bear that in mind whilst you fill out the form. If you have any technical problems whilst filling out this form, please contact SITA Trust on 01454 262910. If your question relates to the project contact your coach.


*A bit of background

A 2011-13 pilot programme - Urban Upgrade Challenge – run by Changemakers (now merged with The Foyer Federation) and funded by SITA Trust, has brought about significant and long lasting practical improvements to the urban environment in Birmingham, as well as meaningful personal development, volunteering and progression opportunities for 16 – 25 year olds.

A total of £149,310 was spent on ten community-led practical projects which were all carried out to a high standard by young people with the support of specialist building and creative contractors.


The experience the young people have undergone in designing, managing and evaluating their upgrade projects,has strengthened their:

        o     Leadership and employability skills;

        o     Self-awareness, team work, communication and personal resilience;

        o     Desire to volunteer and create positive change; and

        o     Understanding and awareness of people from different backgrounds.

From our monitoring and evaluation, we know that:

        o     90% of steering group members reported that their personal goals and aspirations have changed as a result of being part of the programme;

        o     100% were in education, employment or training when completing their projects; and

        o     100% rated both their self-confidence and sense of community as being higher as a result of taking part in the programme.